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Jeds Coffee Bags No 4 10pk 80g

Jeds Coffee Bags No 4 10pk 80g

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Jeds Coffee Co Bean Bags No 4 - Another clever Kiwi idea!

Now you can buy Jeds Coffee Bags online and have them shipped to you in Australia or anywhere in the world.

100% Fresh NZ Roasted Coffee in easy-to-use single serve Bean Bags. The clever pyramid shape tricks your cup into thinking it is a plunger. It then brews the perfect cup of coffee! And because we know you’ll want to take this everywhere – each bag is individually sealed to go where you do.

The path to perfection starts with the clever shape of the Bean Bag, which lets the fresh coffee brew like it does in a plunger. The secret is the two squeezes with a good brew in between.

Jeds Coffee Bean Bags come in 4 Blends to select from:

No. 2 Medium - Smooth, relaxed medium roast.

No. 3 Strong - Full, rich strong roast.

No.4 Very Strong - Strong, intense, dark roast.

No. 5 Extra Strong - Dark roast colour, with a flavour base of cocoa and liquorice notes.

At Jed's Coffee Co they love coffee and want you to love coffee too. They know that in order to love coffee, you have to be able to pick the right taste for you - easily.

That’s why they take care of the complicated stuff, like quality sourcing, expert blending and skilled roasting. All you have to do is choose your blend, which is conveniently numbered according to strength.

Jed’s is about taking out the fuss from the coffee so that you can have an easier and better tasting brew. Because in the end that is what Jed’s are about - making great coffee easy for everyone, every day.

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