About Kiwi Corner Dairy

Remember the fresh Sunday loaf, real Kiwi ice cream in a cone, kids spending hours choosing their bag of mixed lollies and a bloke behind the counter who always said “G'day” and knew you by your first name?

Well, we can't quite take you back there (the ice cream wouldn't ship too well) but you can rest assured that there is a real Kiwi couple behind the counter at Kiwi Corner Dairy, you're always guaranteed a friendly "G'day, how are ya?" and being on first name terms with our customers is a must!

Our name's are Jim & Liz Fisher and our goal is to bring a little taste of Godzone back into your life where ever you happen to be in the world.

We originally started Kiwi Corner Dairy in 2000 and the business went reasonably well but we were a bit ahead of our time so put it on hold for a few years. These days however, technology make it possible to provide you an efficient, secure service and a vast range of products.

We love hearing from our customers and if you have any requests or questions please feel free to contact us at any time.

Shop Rules!

  • Browsing is totally allowed! Look around as much as you like. Taste everything you want (in a virtual kind'a way) but please don't crush the chippies.

  • Bring yer mates in for a gawk! If you have Kiwi friends on their O.E. or participating in the "brain drain" invite them in to check us out.

  • Get social with us on Facebook.

  • We’re here for you! If there's something you're really missing that’s not in the store please drop us a line and let us know.

  • And one final rule - All school bags must be left outside the Kiwi Corner Dairy on the footpath! No exceptions!

    So what are yer waitin' for?

    Get yer skates on and come on in to the shop and have yerself a good squizz around!

    Other Websites

    As well as Kiwi Corner Dairy Jim & Liz also operate Bulk Lollies NZ - an online store supplying bulk bags of lollies.