Customs Duties and Taxes

Will I have to pay any duties or taxes?

When transporting goods across international borders, shipments are sometimes subject to duties and taxes as determined by customs in the destination country.

The majority of our shipments do not attract customs duties, but some countries are more stringent. Of the main destinations that Kiwi Corner Dairy ships to those more likely to charge customs duties are Europe, UK, Canada India and Malaysia.

Each country has its own customs laws and the duties for different types of goods and values are set locally. Kiwi Corner Dairy, like any other company, must adhere to local customs legislation so duties to clear shipments on charged on arrival in the destination country if applicable.

Why doesn’t Kiwi Corner Dairy include duties and taxes in its prices?    

The customs authorities in the destination country determine whether any duties and taxes are applicable when the parcel arrives.

This is based on the information provided on the shipping label (or waybill) and customs paperwork – in particular the shipment contents, declared value and weight.

Who is responsible for payment of duties and taxes?     

The payment of duties and taxes are the responsibility of the receiver.

How are customs duties calculated?      

The calculation of duties depends on the assessable value of a dutiable shipment.

Whether a shipment is a gift or not, it must still go through an import procedure as determined by custom’s law in the destination country. The shipment is cleared through customs based on the origin country, the value and quantity, but not its purpose. Dutiable shipments are subject to a customs duty, which is a tariff or tax imposed on goods when transported across international borders.

When making my purchase it stated the price includes shipping costs. Why was I asked to pay additional charges to have my package delivered?     

You will not be paying any further shipping costs. Rather, you may be asked instead to pay customs duties, taxes and other import charges related to customs clearance in your country, as per local regulations.

What additional charges may I expect following customs clearance?     

Depending on value and the type of goods imported you may expect the following:

Customs import duties (percentage of shipment value and transport charges)

Local tax

Advance Payment surcharge

Any regulatory charges, if applicable