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Gross product weights are calculated automatically and allow for the weight of the product packaging plus a small allowance for the parcel packaging so will differ from the the product net weights displayed. The total cost of shipping will be displayed before you finalise your order.

Some tips to help minimize shipping cost

Watch the weight

Net weights are displayed for all products. Be mindful when ordering heavier items.

What’s the product packaging?

Cans and cardboard packs are heavier than those of products packed in plastic and that extra weight is a component of costs.

Plan ahead

Airmail shipping takes a little longer than courier services but will save you money.

Economies of scale

Costs reduce with quantity. For example; a 10 Kg parcel from NZ to USA is approximately 40% cheaper per Kg than a 1 Kg parcel.

We do all we can to ensure that shipping is at the best price and put no mark-up on shipping.

Planning ahead, watching the weights and placing larger orders less often are the best ways to keep costs down.

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